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I need to make a Reset Head and Neck Pose Preset Metadata
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And I’d like it to appear by default when I go into the pose window in the content… also would like to put the Reset Hands in there as well, so I have them handy…

So, what I need to do is edit metadata, which I believe there was a tutorial somewhere on doing that… can someone point me to it?


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Browse to your content older holding the figure metadata: <Content Folder Name>\Runtime\Support\ . Open the relevant file (for Genesis.that would be My Library\Runtime\Support\DAZ_3D_Genesis.dsx; in a text editor and edit it manually (look for SupportAsset). I haven’t tested if you need a .duf file, but I certainly hope a .dsa should work.
If doing it this way scares you, there is a series of tutorials by cridgit for doing it inside DAZ Studio here: (the original tutorials were by JustTheBast here: but a few things were updated in DS after he wrote it).