Pz3 file will not load into Daz 4 Pro

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I seem to be having a problem... a couple of years ago I modeled and rigged a 1930's frig and stove..I rigged them in poser and when I loaded them in to Daz Studio 3 they work just fine... If I want to load them in Daz 4 Pro, they do not load at all..can some one help me with this... will I have to re rig them in 4 Pro for them to work... I hope not... don't know how to rig in daz.... these were rendered in Daz 3 cant get them to load in to Daz 4 Pro

1252 x 929 - 180K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,773
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    Did you use a light with its own shader tree in the PZ3? DS3 skipped those, but DS4 chokes on them.

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    I wouldn't have thought you would need to re-rig anything, the issue is more likely to be the .PZ3. Can you go back to Poser or DS3 and save them separately as a CR2 rather than a .PZ3?

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    A question: since you created the scene in Poser, do you have a PMD file associated with the PZ3? DS4 is known not to load PMD files; to make that work, you would have to load the scene in DS3, save as a scene with the PZ3/PMD injected, then reopen in DS4.

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