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I just recently downloaded Daz 4 Studio and then purchased Toon Generation Base as well as Toon Generations Touch Down. I've installed the content and metabase files and I can see my content in either Smart Content or Content Library.

Under the Smart Tab I go to People, then load the base toon character with no problem. With the base character selected I can go under Wardrobe and and add the Sport Outfit #2 with out issue.

My issue comes when I go to Presets then Poses and attempt to load a pose. As soon as I double click on a Pose the Character disappears from the preview screen. I've attempted to move around the area, and it doesn't appear be there, I clicked the camera reset but again nothing shows up.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong here? Has anyone else used Toon Generation and had simliar issues?



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    Ok..I guess I didn't move around enough, I finally zoomed way out and I found the character. Though this brings up a new question, why is moving so far out of the view and can I stop it from doing that?


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    It should be possible to press Alt and drag the content into the viewport which should bring up a red and yellow dot for custom positioning of any figure/prop. However if it loads off-set from the center I expect it will still be offset with this method. What you can do is load only the figure, re-center it manually and save as a scene, then load that scene instead of the Toon Generation.

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    Hold the Ctrl key when you double click on the pose. In the pop-up box un-check Morphs and all the Translates and Scales boxes.

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