OT: My community under attack.

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Please pray for the families of the mass shooting in Oak Creek, WI. I grew up, live, and work in Oak Creek. The Sikh population in our town has been a positive and peaceful force for good, for as long as I can remember. Many of my former students and their families are members of this temple, and I am very fearful for their safety. I drive past that temple four times per day, and the bowling alley where survivors are being held is the place where my aunt and uncle held their wedding reception. Yesterday, Oak Creek was a quiet suburb with roots in the family farm. Today, it's being monitored by the Indian Embassy and the National Security Council. My heart is breaking for the good people who were senselessly attacked on this beautiful Sunday morning. They are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they are in yours, too.


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    My sympathy and prayers go out to your community.It is so sad and heartbreaking.

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    This is dreadful.
    I just read about it.
    Absolutely disgusting.

    I hope the wounded people recover soon.

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    My thoughts are with you and your community.

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    My heart goes out to you and the people of Oak Creek.

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    I read about it in the news and my thoughts goes to those who suffers from that attack.

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    Our hearts & prayers are with you all. ::hug::

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    ::strength and solidarity::

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    My heart goes out to everyone in Oak Creek, especially the families and friends of the victims. I stand with you and I'm disgusted and saddened that something like this can and did happen in our country (or any country, for that matter). I hope you can find some solace in each other and in the strength of your community.


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    OMG!! As if the Aurora, Colorado massacre in a movie theater wasn't bad enough, now it's a house of worship??? I'm sorry to hear about this, but am happy that you and yours are OK. I know it's going to take a long while before everything gets better, but here's hoping that your community gets back to normal sooner, rather than later.

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    I don't really pray, but I do wish peace and healing to the victims and community of the shooting. My wife is from India and although she is Hindu, there have been times when small minded people have shown distrust and hatred towards some of the temples where she has worshiped... the possibility of an event like this has always stayed in the back of my mind as something that might eventually occur somewhere. It is so frustrating and infuriating that things like this can still occur in a modern society. Without expressing more of my feelings about this that I'm sure would violate some TOS point, I can only say my best wishes go out to the victims, your community and your local law enforcement. Be well.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours in this horrifying time.

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    ...first heard about this on the local news (Portland OR) while getting ready for work. Had to do a doubletake.

    Grew up near by in the old Town of Lake (otherwise known as St Francis). Oak Creek was in our WIAA conference. Indeed, a rather quiet and peaceful community.

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    Terrible path this world is on right now... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones and neighbors! Blessings!

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