Parquet Floors for Daz Studio - Coming soon!! [Commercial]

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Here's a sneek preview at my new product coming soon - Parquet Floors for DAZ Studio. It's a pack of 50 shader presets consisting of classic and patterned designs, which are easy to use an apply. You can apply them to a plane or flattened cube for an instant floor, or to any floor part of a prop which has it's own texture within the prop. As well as the default shaders there are presets to quickly and easily adjust them to give a more highly polished look and to adjust the tile size - you can of course still adjust these manually if you want to. A PDF is included giving full instructions on how to do all this. Attached below are a few of the promotional images.

700 x 455 - 62K
700 x 455 - 72K
600 x 780 - 114K
600 x 780 - 89K
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