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Hi All,

Having a bit of trouble, I downloaded a beautifully detailed model of a Ferrari 360 spider, originally modelled in Maya. The down load came as a .obj & .mtl files with a seperate folder containing the textures. When i imported the obj into Daz, the model was the natural grey colour. Any ideas how I can get the details of the car, ie. car paint, tyres breaklights ect on to the model in Daz ?



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    A few more details would help. Actually a link to the download, so maybe someone else can download it to see what is what would be handy.

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    Ive uploaded the original file from my downloads to my dropbox here - Link removed

    I think the website it came from is down at the second

    Thanks Sam

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    Assuming the model was uv mapped (not relying on texture projection or procedurals in Maya) you should be able to sort the maps out via the Surfaces pane (Window>Panes(Tabs)>Surfaces), the Surface selection tool (Tools menu) and the UV view (in the camera/view list in the top corner of the viewport). If you are lucky it will be clear what each map does and you can simply add it by selecting the surface(s) it applies to, then clicking the little square in the Surfaces pane next to the property it goes on and selecting browse from the menu, and navigating to the image: if it isn't clear from the names where a map goes use the UV View and select each surface in turn, comparing the layout of the mesh with the texture files to find a match.

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    We have had to remove the link from your post - unless there's a readme saying it's permissible to redistribute the files then you may not upload them and give the link to others, only a link to the original source is allowable.

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    Oh that's really helpful.
    The bloke is trying to get help, posts a link so someone could try to duplicate his problem or explain to him what to do then the Link is removed.

    Very annoying

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    It may be annoying, but the OP had posted a link to a download of the file, not to the original download site where he obtained the file. Thus he was re-distributing it.

    Unless we know that the "owner" of the file has authorised re-distribution it is is not allowed to do this..

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