reformed clothing for genesis request topic (in daz shop)

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crazy night for genesis (with texutre sets)
The New Adventure for genesis

Assassin Angel Bundle for GENESIS

First Grab , PM items, and in my wishlists ,there are many many,many items for V4 (or V3, M4, M3)
But,, I acutually hope the products which will be remaked ,reformed, replaned perfectry with detail for genesis and triax weight map
morph , and moves.
it means new products for genesis,,,.(though they are reformed items,)

Of course I know some (or many,,if you feel so,,) clothing has reformed for genesis by artists.

but,,, Today I checked "Crazy night" again,

I feel it is what I serched for genesis (I love such special move morph,,and design too)

if it was for genesis , I must buy though they may not be PCitems. (1.99 price)

not only Crazy night, there are so many atractive items which has not remaked for genesis
in daz shop.
I think "transfer utility" or "fit to" never to be answer , if you want to feel detail and
how artists are particular about.

I feel their pride when I look around the shape ,and detail by moderor,zoom up.

as you know, many items are so good, beautiful , attarctive, with detail for figure they planned to wear on.

and usually with many poses, or morphs, or, props perfectly fit the figure.(not genesis)

So I planned to request reformed clothing for genesis (new products) in this topic.

if you feel same thing , and have request, lets throw your request in this topic.

I do not care anything.


there is only one rule,

the request are reformed clothing (wear) products for another figure, and you can find them in daz shop.
(, of course , some reshape, or change is good.)


  • TimmothTimmoth Posts: 108
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    I'll second the request for 'The New Adventure' sets. :coolgrin:

  • GeorgehazeGeorgehaze Posts: 72
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    Whatever comes after seconding something, consider it done

  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,061
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    Definately New Adventures and also I would like to see more PA's working to update their stuff or Genesis.

    I would love to see Old Age Morphs for Genesis and also some horns for Genesis.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 12,125
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    New Adventures. But please Daz, costumes for BOTH genders, not just female genesis. Guys go into space too! And the first pack you needed to buy the second one to get male costumes.

    I agree, would love old age morphs.

  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,061
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    I would also love to see the Doctor's bundle, Kay's Leathers, Knight Errant, Urban Shabby Chic, Knights Templar, Knight Champion, Lux Lucis, Paladin and Paragon, M4 Alchemist, The Songstress, and Red Raven ALL updated for Genesis.

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