Need a few items, can't find

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So I've been looking to make some art of the protagonist characters from the game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Here's a picture of them.

I've managed to find enough materials to make Julie (right), but I'm having trouble finding the right items for Zeke (left). I have a gun prop to use as his water gun, I have his pants and what I think is a suitable wristwatch, and I know where I can find his shoes, but that's all I have for him so far.

So can anyone tell me where I can find the following items for M4: blonde spiky hair, 3D glasses, and a black shirt with a skull on it. Also, if anyone can recommend a good M4 skin to use, that'd also be great.

Oh, and here's a render I made of Julie, if anyone would like to see it.


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