DAZ Store Update: August 27th, 2012

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What we’ve accomplished over the last few weeks:
* New Platinum Club and DAZ Original Icons
* New Pagination (move through pages of product pages with greater flexibility)
* New Catdgory Titles (Platinum Club Items in image below)
* Improved Forum Image Resizing (images will fit better in the forums and not carry text out of the post box)
* Internet Explorer 8 problem with downloading files has been fixed as of August 15th, 2012
* Updated grid view for products in the store (larger images, cleaner layout)
* Faster load times for the DAZ 3D web pages
* Sort/Search by Release Date, Vendor, Platinum Club Item
* Issues with Check Out not completing or looping
* Issues with Platinum Club purchases

What we are working on:
* We are testing the PayPal tool for the ability to purchase Platinum Club Memberships
* Working on implementing the grace period for Platinum Club Membership lapses
* Increasing performance of the Store, continue to reduce slowdowns and purchase issues
* Continuing to streamline the user experience with the store
* Problems with receiving Serial Numbers when purchasing software.

Forum Improvements:
* Add your Avatar to the forum to personalize your persona
* Forum Posts are now placed at the top of the list when ever a post is added
* Signature banners are now available to be used
* Member photos can also be added to your profile
* Working on better image tools for placing images in the forum posts.
* Working on Implement searching tools and filters.
* Working on adding back the ability to embed videos to a post.
* Working on adding Customer Image Galleries

948 x 315 - 222K
984 x 385 - 309K
878 x 118 - 32K
784 x 568 - 301K
283 x 438 - 131K
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