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While posing Genesis hands and fingers I noticed that even with Limits On all finger joints (except thumbs) will not bend to the stated values of Limits. For example, if a digit's Limits are +90 and -45, bending a finger backwards (-45) will stop at another number value, say -30, using entered values or the sliders. What I assume is an IK chain-link (within the parameter setting for a joint) has to be set to off or "broken" to reach the stated negative value of Limits.

Why is that? Is there a way to disengage all of these at once with some kind of setting or operation, rather than breaking the chain-link individually?


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    Hmm, what version of DS are you using? I have RC3 and I do not see the phenomenon you are stating. What I do notice is that if I bend the index by 90 degrees it goes down about 105 degrees. :-S I dialed in a new limit at -100something and it seems to take for me. You can see if there are ERC links by clicking on the "Controllers" sub-tab (Cog-wheel on Parameters tab->Parameter Settings->Controllers sub-tab next to Sub-Components which is highlighted in orange by default).

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