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first try with Carrara 8.5.172 beta. Importing a genesis caracter I could change some parameters when I selected the actor, but nothing work when I Try to manipulate the head ( same thing for the hand). See the attachment (paralized head). I'm a dummy ?

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  • JamyJamy Posts: 167
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    Precision : I work on Mac (10.6.8) :)

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    in Windows too and Mimic does not work because the phonemes do not work!
    my saved files work but not a new Genesis figure.

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    This one is weird.
    Some of the expressions work for me others do not. It looks like the ones that work are a single morph but the ones that don't are not morphs on their own but rather a controller for multiple morphs. Thanks, I get this in front of our Carrara lead developer.

    Mimic pro for Carrara does work for me but I am a build ahead there and there are some Mimic fixes included, so that one works next build.

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    I did download the Mimic plugin for this build too before anyone asks and it DOES work with other figures, just not Genesis and I am guessing it is related to the expressions not working, I cannot even open the mouth.

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    In my case only the morphs at the Actor level - body shaping - work. Those at the Genesis level and below Actor are totally unresponsive. None of the facial morphs work - direct manipulation of the facial bones moves the bones, but no effect on the mesh.

    The gen4 poses work just fine.

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,824
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    I am prob going to reinstall the previous build, so long as the serial still works
    as I want to use Genesis in Carrara and wish I could buy the upgrade already to end the waiting for serials drama.

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    No problems for me with genesis facial morphs - all work including phonemes ( although i do not have mimic to see if working with that)
    But short answer is sliders work all levels Genesis Model or Head.

    Carrara 8.5.172 windows 7 64bit GT540 graphics

    EDIT - WEIRD !! Just checked version I'm running which is 149 not 172 I did a system restore a couple of days ago which must have changed it because I know I installed 172 which I will do again if I can find it in my account which of course never specifies a build number - and you cant sort the items like you used to - Daz !!! Dah !

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  • 0oseven0oseven Posts: 514
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    OK just installed 8.5.172

    Havent tried all the morphs but those I have do not work in this version

    Some thing screwed up in the beta update ???

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    I reinstalled. 149, others can "beta test" it, as I said, I would pay for the upgrade already just to not have to fuss around with serials.

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