Paramter changes not saving

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Sorry, I'm a Daz newbie, always worked with poser.

But I made numerous custom parameter changes to a character, where I altered the ranges to like -3 or like 3 and trying to save it as a character preset only saves SOME of those parameter changes (???). How the heck do I get it to save EVERYTHING, every little change I made? Thanks a bunch!


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    Hmm, which ones aren't saved? Is it only those that have different from default limit values? It should save everything if you remove the limits altogether.

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    The limits are set on the figure. If you load a new figure it still its default limits set therefore the preset will not work. I believe there is a feature request to allow the user to turn of morph limits for character preset just like you can for joint limits for pose preset.

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    If you do not care about changing parameter rimits of products morph,

    1 load new defalut genesis.dsf on the new scene.
    (must not apply other character preset. never)

    2 change the limits of the morph by controller gear, then turned value "0",
    and you memorize default limits and moprh name on some text file.
    (if you want to set default the file is need )

    you must just change the limits of morphs. and edit>figure>zero>zero figure,
    from top menu.

    (I do not belive if you just change parameter value ,and save modified assets, the "value" saved,
    but for safety, turned "0" every parameter value default)

    3 select genesis , top menu window>tabs>property editor,
    then on left side, check property of the moprh which you changed the limits with astaric marked.
    then save modified assets.

    it means the products morph limits has changed and saved.

    after you save modified assets,

    whenever you load new genesis, the morph which you took off limits (eg min 0 max 1 changed min -1 max 1.5)
    keeps new limits range.

    (if you want to set the limit default again, you need change the limits manually, and save modifiered assets,
    again so you need to memorize default limits range )

    actually, it is same when you save the morph which you had changed the limits, and overwrite the morph file

    4 shape genesis how you want to by morphs with new limits range.

    then save your character preset , (save as character or shape, or pose,,etc)

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    check this topic too.

    for edit the compressed file after modified assets.

    (before I did not find why I can not edit dsf by text editor in data folda,,
    now I understand, I save modified assets severarl times,, that they are compressed,,)

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