External database-driven content management?

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I still try to develop a way to manage my content in the long run, it's not that much for now, but this will change. I've followed the discussion about manually managing content...

Well, but I'm searching for an external solution on the one hand database driven and on the other one independent of DAZ Studio or Poser.

Do you know of any such solution?

I've found so far PzDB 1.2? It's a content database driven by Microsoft Access Database Engine. The new version 1.2 should work with all 3D related content, not like the old version 1.1 which was only for Poser. Here's an excerpt from their product description:

PzDB helps you to find the exact 3D content you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, and it works. PzDB indexes your entire Poser Library (or any other folders you wish) and cross-references all the related content, automatically creating Groups of content and then provides an easy-to-use browsable and searchable database that can be integrated with Poser and used to replace the Standard Poser Library Palette entirely.

Sounds very good - when it really works like that.

Does anybody of ever tried that application? I'd appreciate it very much, when you're about to share your experience?

Perhaps I'll try the 60-days trial.
I'll tell you what I've experienced.


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    I went for the 60-days trial of PzDB - I'm more or less satisfied. Although my first impression wasn't that good. Especially the user interface feels not that professional, database is not transparent at all and it freezes sometimes when scrolling through a lot of search results.

    What I'm missing is a function for browser through the content, instead of only searching for it. With the possibility to group content it's a little bit there but still far away from a real browsing feature.

    Furthermore I found at runtimeDNA P3dO Explorer pro 2.4.6 for $ 25 at http://www.runtimedna.com/P3dO-Explorer-pro-2.4.6.html. It's comparable to pzDB, introduces a preview of the content in 3D, provides a pattern renamer inside the runtime, supports zipped content and can apply a part of a pose.

    P3dO is a Runtime library manager & 3D viewer for Poser, Daz Studio and Carrara.
    P3dO is a 3D viewer and browser for above 30 3D and 40 pictures formats.
    P3dO for Poser has been around for more than 12 years.

    It seems that it uses also Microsoft Access Database Engine relying on the screenshots there.

    That's the next application I'll try and compare. Does anybody of you worked with it?
    Because here I didn't see any trial version, so guess I'll pay the 25 bucks.

    I hope this little thread is of any interest. I think there can be better ways of managing content than to do it manually.
    The key is working with a database like Access. If someone is more interested in this way of content management go to the Renderosity forum, where I also questioned for such a solution - with more response. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showthread.php?thread_id=2854119

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