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I have downloaded the Daz Studio 4 pro and I also got the 12992_Genesis Evolution Head Morphs_1.4, and Genesis Evolution Morphs now I can not locate where to find the genital controls, breast are fine but not the other parts? I had a model made and saved and it was correct but now it will not load it it says not able to find the items, I have not done anything different but to add the 12992_Genesis Evolution Head Morphs_1.4, and Genesis Evolution Morphs. Please can someone help me?? I can not even get the My Stuff to come up right.

I have uninstalled the program and re installed it but no differences? thank you


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    I don't have any genitals as such for Genesis, and I have a lot of morphs, including the Evolution ones.

    There are a couple of morphs called Genital Bulge 1 and 2 under Actor in the Parameters tab, is that what you mean, I don;t know what package they were in.

    You also mention 'My Stuff', the name of that was changed to 'Smart Content' a long time ago, what version of DS4P are you running? If the Smart Content tab is not being populated, then it looks like the CMS (Content Management Service) is not running. On Windows, you can go to the Start Menu, find the DAZ 3D folder and start the CMS from there.

    See if that helps?

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    Thank you JimmyC.

    Yes I do have the Smart Content tab, and I will try to use the Content Management Service when I get home, but you see I'm really confessed now for when I installed Daz Studio 4 Pro and went in it I had the controls to place the correct genitals for male or female and then I could change size, or how they looked. When I added Genesis Evolution Head Morphs_1.4, and Genesis Evolution Morphs, this all changed I have more controls but not able to have the correct genitals control the breast no problem even has the fake implants.

    I have removed the software and then installed it again theSmart Content tab will work right until I exit and when I go back in it is blank, and if I save a subject and then reload it it tells me the things are not all there. So I'm really confessed I have asked others on a different site and they have the Genitals controls there on the right hand side, and they are running the some version I'm running.

    Maybe I'm just going nuts, I know about Genital Bulge 1 and 2 under Actor in the Parameters tab, but that is not what I'm talking about the model is naked and I was able to adjust and penis or the vagina size or shape.


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    Do you have the M5 Pro bundle that is the only way to get the genitals for the male, and you need the V5 Pro bundle for the female.

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