Games Developer with [email protected]

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Games Developer with [email protected]
3D model developer with many other…

Hello fellow developer I come to say hi before the other games developer come.
Am developing cloth with Daz studio, Hexagon 2.5, Carrara 8 Pro, 3D coat, Fragmotion,
Ultimate Unwarp, Adobe Photoshop, and many others like this.
I connect this software with Daz using the SDK.

I do this because I use Unity 3d Pro, Torque 3d pro, Esenthel pro, C4 engine pro,
Gamestudio pro, and many others, am programming using c++ and other scripting language.

So if am not in the 3d model Daz Game development where I my?

I come to speak about the Daz game model development and how to do it and how to fit if, it’s not only m3.m4,v3,v4,v5,m5 it’s house, temple and other

So are we gona speak about that here or in the forum for Game developer?

I take a screen shoot to put that on every game forum if you delete or put that on General or Nuts’ N Bolts you will see a couple of angry game developer!

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