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Alright I'll start at the beginning. I've been trying to learn how to use 3d modelling programs for the idea of some day making props and characters needed to create my own Youtube series via computer graphics. However a friend of mine actually suggested I look for people who are specifically good at one thing (I.E. Someone good at character modelling, someone good at creating 3d environments and someone good at animating) So with that I've got the idea to form a group, but I have a few problems.

I don't know a thing about starting a group, so I came here for some answers. I don't know what it takes to animate a video but I have a general idea. (3d models, environment, effects and such) It might need more but that's all I can think of. If you would like to talk to me directly my Skype name is alastorxiv.

Thank you for your time and if you don't wish to help, thanks for at least reading.


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    Hi Alastor! :) Just thought I'd say hi and welcome you! Since you have mentioned that you are just starting to learn about 3D and how to use these programs, I'd like to offer you a few suggestions. First, I would suggest that if you want to form a group of some kind, you may want to list a few more details about your project. For example, what programs will you be using? What kind of series are you considering? etc.

    However, if you are still in VERY early stages of simply forming some ideas and want to learn how to do stuff, perhaps trying to form a group at this point won't be the best way to get the help you seek. I would recommend that first you learn to use the programs offered through the various help forums and New Users resources that are available here.

    For example, you mention wanting to learn to model and to learn to animate. These things are (generally) done in seperate programs. There are some exceptions. Carrara can do both modeling and animating: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/carrara-8/

    However, you can obtain Hexagon ( a modeling program) for FREE here at Daz 3D:


    Then, to animate, you can use Daz Studio Pro 4, also FREE:


    You can then find help learning to use these programs by checking out the New Users forum, here:


    Perhaps even join in some of the fun in the New Users contest area:


    Good luck , I hope this helps you and welcome, again! :)

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    Thanks Jasmine. I originally got the idea because I heard it would take quite a long time to make a video from scratch if I was the only person working on it. Though I would like to learn modelling and everything. (I already have hexagon and I did have problems looking for tutorials on it, so thanks for the links I really appreciate it). As for the project itself. I want to turn a story I'm currently writing into an animated series. Its pretty difficult to provide more detail than that since I don't really know how to go about doing that. On a side note I'll check out some of those links you sent just to see how I learn the basics of Hexagon and Daz Studio. Thanks again <3</p>

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    This is digital art zone where most all of it has already been done for you, premade figures, with premade hair, wearing premade clothes, in premades sets, you just need to buy them.

    Seriously, if all you are intending is videos on youtube fast and by yourself, this is the place.
    Studio does animation; aniblocks and animate 2
    DAZ has a wide selection of figures for free and for sale. Nice wardrobes for most.
    And with the help you can get here you could be up and running in a few weeks.

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    Also check out the animations forum here at DAZ, you can find help and /or see what others are doing with content. Lots of possibilities.


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