Is Stitch Witch still available?

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I have a friend who wishes to buy Stitch Witch after seeing what my copy can do, but I can't find it in the shop.

Is it still available anywhere?


  • riftwitchriftwitch Posts: 1,356
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    I found it:

    I never have any luck with the store search function anymore; I use google or dogpile.

  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,788
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    Thank you. The search didn't work for me. Wish they would get it sorted!

  • riftwitchriftwitch Posts: 1,356
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    Me too. Going the other way, sometimes searching for a product brings up a bunch of totally unrelated stuff. At least now I can click on an artist's name to see what other products they have available. But I'm not sure if I can be sure how accurate the results are in that case, either.

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    Weird! This doesn't bring up Stitch Witch for you as the first result:

    Edit: OH! I bet your default search type is not set to 'Relevance'. It's the drop-down box, just above the number of items to show per page. If you set that to 'Relevance', it'll show SW as the first hit. Note that just changing it to Relevance won't get you the right results, as weird as that sounds. You need to change it, then re-do your search. (Just click the search text box and hit enter.)

    -- Morgan

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    If searches are giving you a problem, here is a work around. Type:

    stitch witch site:

    into the Google search window.
    Make sure that "site" is all lowercase.

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