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I am not new to Poser or Carrara. I have probably purchased at least a hundred individual characters from DAZ and Renderosity.

Two of the last three I purchased from DAZ' site, Dulce and Lilith, have posed a problem. I unpacked them to the same directory (runtime) as all my others, but I cannot find them under my pose directory in Carrara. I have looked under all the options I know (i.e. Dulce, ! Dulce, !! Dulce, MAT Dulce, and all the similar iterations for Lilith). Other products from the same orders unpacked to the same directories are there. i have unpacked them multiple time.s. I have looked under (Characters). I have looked everywhere I know, including using Windows explorer to scan directories, and the is no reference to either product.

Thanks! Jay


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    I had to reset my download for Dulce as I couldn't find it in my saved folders, but the problem is immediately apparent in the ZIP file.

    There is a folder called 'Content' which contains the Runtime folder. If you installed into the My Library folder, you should empty the files out of the Content folder, and place them directly into the My Library folder (which is the new name for Content in DS4). The same thing may have happened with Lillith, but I didn't buy that one.

    Does that help any?

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    What a mess. I understand what you are saying and I found what I think are all the files to transfer, but how can they sell this stuff with no way other than the forum to figure it out. I have been a DAZ customer for at least 6 years, have probably spent a couple of thousand with them, but I won't be spending any more until I know where the heck it's unpacking to without this kind of jumping through hoops.

    Thanks for your help!!!! You saved ny bacon on this one.

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    The zips are part of a planned move to zips and an optional install manager, which will avoid the issue with the superfluous content folder. Unfortunately the install manager isn't yet available..

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    Well, Carrara can see the POSE Character files, but I didn't get the actual MAT file into the right places. Anyone have any specific directions on exactly which files to move from where to where?

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    still hoping for answer to last problem

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    All files in the CONTENT Runtime folder need to be moved to the My Library Runtime folder. If your PC has the MERGE option when adding files to folders with the same name just copy the Runtime folder from the Content Folder and MERGE it with the Runtime folder in My Library with a paste action. If you do not get the MERGE option at Paste Stop. You will need to move each sub folder by hand to the proper folder inside the My Library Runtime folder. Once that is done all of it should work.

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