Who hid the freebies?

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Not really suggesting they are hidden but i cant find them. I am a PC member and i dont often bother with freebies but i wanted to check them out and cant seem to find them. If you actually did hide them, shame on you....
And maybe this question is more apt elsewhere but i would love to understand a few things relating to surfaces. Sub surface scattering, what is it, how do i put it into effect? and shaders, i have never understood what shaders are and what they do. Can anyone enlighten me and perhaps point me in the direction of tutorials and information on both these subjects.
Many thanks


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    Most of the freebies turn into full priced item after a week, so you need to catch them quickly. You can typically find them in new releases.

    Or you can look at the store and look at daz as a vendor and sort by price.

    Also there is also a link in the shop navigation that says FREE 3D MODELS. Mouse over "Shop" and look near the bottom of the fly out menu. This is old stuff though, the weeklys never go in here.

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    Davidahr, which freebies are you looking for. As has been said there is a weekly freebie, which is free for a week for everyone and then returns to the normal Daz Original section at normal price. There is now a new monthly freebie for PC members which works in a similar manner. The old PC members freebies that used to be found in the MO forum are being worked on with a view to restoring them to the new format MO forum. THe old Freebie archive is currently no longer availalbe, although many of us are still hoping that it can be restored in some form. THis archive was a sub domain of the old Daz site, not on the same server as the Archived forums.And of course there is always the freepository where all sorts of freebies can be found.

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