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If I use GenX to put my M4 and V4 morphs into Genesis, is there any way to keep the two separate? I put all the morphs from my favorite V4 CR2 into Genesis with GenX but I can't figure out any way to have a stock Genesis, and then a Genesis with V4. Genesis works very differently from previous generations of DAZ figures, obviously, and I'm having trouble figuring all of this stuff out.

Also, are there any do's and don'ts with regard to organizing parameter dial groups with the Property Editor? I moved them around in my modified Genesis and some of the groups stayed in the original location, but were duplicated in the new location. Most of the morphs moved to the new location, but some stayed.

Edit: I see from another thread that editing the actual morph files (in DAZ content directory) might be the way to go? Any advice or warnings on that front?

Edit2: Lol, I put off looking into this or asking any questions about it for weeks, and then when I finally do post the thread, I figure it out within minutes. I think. With help from DWG.

I made a copy of the Genesis dsf and opened it in Notepad++. I copy/pasted the content/data/DAZ3D/Genesis/Base directory and renamed it to "default." I deleted the GenX folder. I replaced every reference in the DWG to the base directory to my new default directory and saved it. Now apparently I have two Genesis figures, one with the GenX stuff, and one without. Is it really that easy, or am I missing something?

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    No, it's really that easy. I did the same initially, back when it was impossible to load all the GenX morphs plus the regular ones without crashing DAZ.

    Notepad++ plus text-editable .dsf morphs are just an unbeatable combination for content editing.

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    There are only two things to be aware of when using the Property Editor, when you use the "save modified assets" your replacing the original .dsf files with a compressed version, which you can't edit in a text editor, the second thing is only use the default Genesis in PE, don't load a character preset or spin dials and then edit it, as chances are when you "save modified assets" you'll add those dial settings to the files, and your Genesis will always load with those dials active no matter what character preset you use.

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    You can decompress a compressed .dsf or .duf file with an archive utility - I've successfully used 7Zip.

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