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It was posted a few times in the old forums, but I'm not sure anymore if I got it right... can somebody tell me if DAZ really is in UTC -7 or if I'm wrong?

And if someone would be able to tell me the Zones of Renderosity and RDNA, that would be awesome too :)

Thanks for your answers!


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    Daz3D is on Mountain time, which is apparently as you say. Mountain Time Zone, UTC-7

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    I confirm Daz in UTC-7. U.S. Mountian Time Zone.

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    Thank you, now I can set the second clock in order to warn me bevor I miss out on something :)

    Allright... so if I understood everything right, that I scraped together....

    Renderosity = UTC-5
    RuntimeDNA = UTC-8

    Any different knowledge?

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