Amducias for M4 (Anthro Horse model)..V4 version ??

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Some time ago, I purchased the Amducias for M4 anthro horse..from the Philosophersegg site ( there was a previous thread about this model on old daz forums)

In that thread, I'm sure there was some mention of a version for V4 in the works. Does anyone know if this happened at all. or has anyone who purchased the original version got any tips on adapting it for V4 ??


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    Do you know how to use UVMapper (Free Version)? If so, save M4's UV then load V4 and apply M4's UV to her and save new obj. Point a copy v4 cr2 to the new obj, and you'll have a v4 with M4 uv's so you can use the textures. The morphs seemed to work just fine with v4. :D

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