Genesis Morphs and Creating Characters

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Can a person incorporate the Genesis morphs in packages such as Genesis Evolution Body Morphs in a character product?

For instance;

If I use the morphs, take the character into a modeling program and change the character more. Is that still using the morphs and against using existing products morphs? Or am I relegated to modeling off of just the base shapes such as Genesis, V4 for Genesis, V5 for Genesis, etc.?

What is the official line?

Being curious.



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,292
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    You can model on a morphed base, as long as you use reverse deformations when importing your morph to separate your work from the DAZ morphs. Then to use the morphs you would save yours as a Support Asset, and provide that plus a preset to set it and the DAZ morphs to their required values.

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