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I just bought the base for M4, and so far I'm pretty disappointed. First, I'm not sure if it loaded right. The base looks flawed. There is a crack in the top of his head and it looks like he has two mouths. There are some strange lines on the body and the the outline of the body doesn't seem as smooth as it should be.

I'm also not sure if everything that I downloaded is working. What is the M4 base power loader? There is an icon for M4 Mix. When I select it, Daz acts as if its loading something, but nothing happens. Does anyone know what this is supposed to do?

Also, if you look up the Michael 4 base on the site, the character has a certain hairstyle. The character I downloaded did not have that hairstyle, or any hairstyle except a crewcut. Even worse, I have no idea how to get the hairstyle that is shown. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Part of the reason I bought M4 is because I assumed he would like the way he does on the site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I can't answer your other questions but I think Michael only comes with the crewcut. I don't have the other hairstyle in the promo image.

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    The promo picture is with a hair/wig, sold separately.

    It also sounds like your M4 is loading with the wrong skin. Like it is loading the skin for a different figure. Try applying one of the shader presets for M4 from people, M4, materials, Daz's M4, materials, standard res. The crew cut is the default skin shader, there are other choices in the m4 materials folder. scroll down and open what is included, the hair isn't, nether is the morphs++ that you will need.

    I'd put a link up for the hair if I could find it, but a search for Michael 4 hair gives me a lot of stuff that isn't hair and isn't for M4.

    Great job of hiding the pertinent info people need when shopping. Typical fricken DAZ marketing.

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    I called tech support and they helped me. As it turns out, the proper icon for selecting Michael was located in the Poser section of the directory. As for the hairstyle, they helped me find the correct one. Unfortunately, it's a separate product that I'll have to buy. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply.

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