Boots and Stockings in the DM Gadomar Promo Shots

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The ones in the 4th thru 6th shots down.

It's the Monaghan outfit, but I don't think those boots are the same. Monaghan looks to be more like thigh high boots.

The fishnets look like the ones from Magus (which are leggings but since the books are fairly tall, they look good. Buy I suppose they could be with the boot model.


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    Looks like the hid everything below the garters in Monaghan (Boot, Heel*, Platform*, Sole* material zones) and then used a separate set of stockings and boots. I don't recognize the boots, but the stockings might be something like the BO Superhose with a fishnet texture applied.

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    The boots are from Roxana Yaroslavna, Vampire Lady for V4, not sure of the texture used.

    The stockings are a LOT harder to pin down :(

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    Thanks for the info. Funny how you thot you looked at these older models and their promos to figure out what's what. Makes it easier to kit bash stuff when you do.

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