Framing and triggering reality....

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...and saying hello :-)

after I've joined this month's beginners contest I thought to introduce myself here. Late but not to late...
My name is Thomas and I live since years in Europe, moving around a lot.

Around half a year ago I started doing 3D CG with DAZ Studio and Poser focusing on portraits, choreography and sci-fi.

For years I worked as photographer in Vienna, Zurich and Hamburg but I never accomplished to frame reality in
a touching way - so once I stopped triggering the camera.

In last Spring I started to frame my own reality in the realm of 3D and to trigger illusions to come true.
Most of what I'll seek is realism to the extreme. It's still a long way to cross this border, but let's meet there :-)

In between I'm working now as a network administrator, facing dark clouds and try to survive in this society.
See you - here and there (-:


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    Hello Thomas

    There is a plugin for DAZ Studio called 'Reality', and I thought that was what your post was about. It uses the Luxrender engine, and can transfer scenes from DS into Lux, and the results are often very realistic. It works with the earlier versions of DS4P, but not the Release Candidates, version 4.5 and above as yet, but that should come soon.

    The lighting is crucial for realism I think, and it can take a while to learn, but with your photographic experience it should be a bit easier for you.

    Best wishes, and I look forward to seeing you on the forums.

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    Hello JimmyC,

    thanks for the welcome :-)

    I heard about this plugin for DAZ Studio and this Luxrender - soon I'll try it.
    Yeah, I think so too, light is the key just like in photography.

    I tried a few test renderings with the old, free plugin LuxrenderDS within DAZ Studio 3, which I was still able to get recently.
    My results haven't been convincing at all. It looked more than a comic shaded image than a photo-realistic one.

    Still a long way to go :-)

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    It's very nice to know that you have started to frame your own reality in the realm of 3D. Best of luck...

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    Welcome! Sounds like you'll be able to pitch in on the forums if someone needs help with lighting and all the photographic related aspects. We have a lot of experts but can always use one more :) Enjoy the ride!

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