Building a LARGE 3D City flythrough Tutorial

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Join with me in this series on making a very large futuristic city in 3D, which will be animated in my sci fi series (episode 7).

The journey starts here and in video 1 I layout what will be in the scene, and the models that will be used.

EPISODE 1: Project Overview.

I've been planning this for a year. I am sharing the journey with you, I do not have the final result yet, although I do know exactly how to tackle this challenge.

EPISODE 2: Which software to use to map out your project.

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    looks like a fun watch - good luck

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    thanks bigh - progress may go in fits and starts. Part 2 out soon.

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    This looks like an interesting project. Thanks for the insight into your workflow.

    You mention using the Dystopia City Blocks. If you're not already familiar with them, you might want to take a look at Stonemason's Greeble City sets, which contain some nice futuristic towers for use at mid-range.

    Anyone modeling a ruined city should also take a look at Mr Sparky's Ruined City, which is absurdly good value at $2.50.

    I have no connection to Stonemason or Mr Sparky, just a satisfied customer.

    Both Stonemason's Greeble City and Mr Sparky's Ruined City work well in Carrara (as proof of that, here are some images: End of the Line, The Engineer and The Last Battle, all of which were rendered in Carrara).

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    Hi there,

    End of the line - very nice picture!

    Yes I have all of those sets (versions 1 and 2 of greeble), in episode 2 I show (a very basic render) of how I plan to use Greeble blocks version 2.

    Thanks for the info though. Any new models I can use are welcome!

    Episode 2:

  • bighbigh Posts: 7,438
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    wow thats out of my price range of ( $0 )

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    I know what you mean. I've only a minus budget left now. Have to sell something If I want something new.

    They are very plesant though and sometimes you can get an extension on the demo time of one month, at least this was true in 2011 when I purchased.

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