Getting Morphs into NLA clip

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Can someone review how to get morphs into an NLA clip?
I've been trying both in C8.5 beta and C8.1 Pro, on both a 9mbi figure and also on a simple Vertex Object (a sphere) which I gave a few morphs and then added to an Animation Group so I could access the NLA editor.

None of the changes that I make (whether dialing in a morph for the simple vertex object or for the figure) seem to stick inside the NLA clips I'm making.

Thanks for any help.
(I ultimately want to use these NLA clips for mouth morphs / phonemes with Mimic for Carrara - but right now I can't even get the simplest changes to a vertex sphere to stick inside an NLA clip.

Thanks for any help.


  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,602
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    What version of Carrara are you using?

    I just tried in C7 Pro, using Aiko 3, and did eye-blinks, phonemes, expression changes, etc. No problems here. I used the defaults in the dialogue box, with the exception of checking the check box by the Model in the hierarchy.

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    I think he means on his own mesh, not a Daz dolly
    I too have not had much luck even with rigged iClone figure facial expressions, 3Dage would know but he has been absent a while.

  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 737
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    I've been trying it both in C8.1 Pro and C8.5 beta, both on my own very simple vertex object and also on a figure from 9mbi.

    On my own vertex object, I was able to get it to work slightly, once or twice then broke, by going into the graph editor and adding keyframes in a clip - but could not get anything consistent working.

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