HEADS UP...PayPal Facebook Ireland scam has resurfaced

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Once again some people are getting Phsihing emails, purporting to come from Pyapal, regarding payments made to Facebook Ireland.

Do not , repeat do not check on any link in the email. It is a Scam

If you are worried, check your paypal account, by going there via the proper URL, not through the email

You can check the Paypal Community page to find conversation about this.


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    I get a lot of scam PayPal emails here in the States as well, though not necessarily with respect to Facebook. If a Paypal email doesn't say Hello , then it's a scam. PayPal ALWAYS addresses their users by their name, so if it doesn't have your R/L name, it's a phony email.

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    I forwarded this one to PayPal as soon as I saw it in my inbox, before marking it as spam and deleted it. THey said thanks for reporting it, and do hope that anyone who receives any emails like this will do the same by forwarding them

    Every email counts. When you forward suspicious-looking emails to
    "[email protected]", you help keep yourself and others safe from identity
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