20 mm Gatling gun test!

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I hate the SMOKE! Any advise?



  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,696
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    Not unless you care to share what it is specifically you hate about it. Do you not like the color? The amount? What?

  • RoguePilotRoguePilot Posts: 239
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    Looks like you have blur on the smoke and it's blurring what's behind it too. That may not be noticable in a fast moving video.

    You could try a emitting a fog primitive without blur instead but it could take some experimentation.

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    UHHHH a fog as an emitter got to try that!

    Also and I thought this had been fixed, it look like if you have ONE object that has a BLUR that intersects with another object with a blur they cancel one another OUT where they intersect!

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