Exporting from DAZ to Poser: texture problem

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Hi all,
I couldn't find anything about this problem on this forum:
I have problems exporting figures from DAZ Studio Pro ( to Poser Pro 2012.
I have followed exactly this tutorial:
But when i try to open my character (Michael5) in Poser, it has "problems" opening the textures and this is the result i get! (Attachment).
What am i doing wrong?
Please help.

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  • meassemmeassem Posts: 5
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    Hello Cliff,
    Thank you for your fast reply!
    You are right...One thing i forgot to mention was that Poser shows me errors while loading it.
    This is the result when i cancel searching for textures because i have no textures at all.
    I Thought DAZ Studio will create textures for export automatically!
    Do you think downloading this plug in will solve my problem?

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