set cameras with different aspect frames on the seane.

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I checked another topic, and I thought if I can set manyaspect frames with different cameras on same scene,,
so this is my suggestion for ds4.5 rc 4 or ds5,,
or new plug in for camera.

when I load new camera it keeps aspect frame lender setting .
of course we can change it when lendering.

but,if I can set some cameras with different aspect frame on the sceane,
I can use them for animation, more effective,,do not you think ?

eg default camera keep aspect 4:3

and canera 1 keep aspect 3:1 (point at figure1 face)
camera 2 keep aspect 1:5

if we toggle camera in view mode, the view change with aspect , (it may work when rendering animation, too)
and perspective view keep defaut aspect,,

it seems great,.


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    If you go to the bug tracker ( ) you can file a bug report with a severity of "Feature" to be treated as a feature request. Note that the bug tracker requires a separate log in from the forums although it is recommended that you use the same username.

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    Thanks Adam, I had not known that I can request in bug reports.

    I have many future requests and some ideas about "daz studio" "carrara" and "genesis" :),
    so I will requests in bug reports from today.

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