Can Gen-X roll back to Gen-4?

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I've been trying to transfer morphs with Gen X but it's a real dog and I just can't get it to work.
I can't figure the PDF manual out either.
I'm following what I think is the exact instructions but keep getting "No morphs with non-zero value selected for transfer", yet I've dragged V4 over, and the morph I want over, which loads for a sec, but nothing happens.
Manually ticking all boxes doesn't do anything, blah, blah.
I've had this trouble before and had some help on the old forums but can't even find the old forums now. Yet even when I got a result with that help it still wasn't an accurate transfer.

I use to get great results with the previous version, Gen 4 which I originally paid for, so I'd like to be able to roll back to that if I could?
Is it possible?


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    Old forums are at by the way. Search may be a bit broken, though, so if you have a bookmark to the thread, you can use it, and then modify the "forum" part in URL to "forumarchive".

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    Unless I'm miss understanding your question, Gen 4 is a stand alone application, so there is nothing to "roll back".. You just launch it like you always did.

    You can just leave GenX plugin installed in DS4 and turn it off in Windows>Tab menu so the tab doesn't display.

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    @ Skiriki Cool, thanks.
    It won't let me log in though, which is going to make searching for the thread a pain. :shut:

    I'l have a look and see if the old one's there.

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    Gen X is a plugin while Gen 4 was a stand alone, so you don't need to roll back, just go to your rendo account (assuming that's where you bought Gen 4) and download it from there.

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    Thanks guys, I guess I was confused by the way I bought Gen-X, as an 'upgrade' from Gen-4.

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