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I know I'm not the only one here who shops at both places. Has anyone ever downloaded a Genesis clothing product from Renderosity? Were you able to get it to work in Carrara and how?


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    Hello Torkuda

    I haven't but it might be a good idea to ask this over in the Renderosity forums.
    In the Daz forums things get lost pretty easily.

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    I am asking over there. A few fellow customers are trying to help, but the staff would rather just tell me to talk to the vendor rather than answer any questions.

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    I'm not much of a DS user, but with Carrara Genesis SOMEWHERE around the corner, I picked up a couple of Genesis items from Renderosity to prep for a project I hope to start... eventually.
    Neither of the Genesis items worked, at all, in Carrara.
    The items were from all different vendors. Each of the vendors were very helpful when I contacted them, but what can they do?
    Everything works smoothly in DAZ Studio, but wouldn't even load in the Carrara 8.5 beta.
    This was... about three weeks ago.
    Made me very pessimistic about how close we are to seeing a working 8.5 any time soon.

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    I normally avoid Rendo, but most of SickleYield's stuff is there. I've purchased and used Sickle's Genesis stuff with no problems.


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    And it's his stuff I can't use actually. How did you get it working?

  • djmulcahydjmulcahy Posts: 42
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    Actually, one of the products I'm referring to is a SickleYield item.
    Nothing against the vendor... it works just fine in DAZ Studio. Just not in Carrara.
    One of the things I've noticed was that, when clicking on the item, the size is wildly distorted in the Transform tab. The size is listed as -166666666, or something crazy like that, across the XYZ parameters.
    None of the other Genesis items I've played with so far seem to do that.
    After adjusting the numbers to something more normal, it doesn't help the situation... but clearly there's some problem.

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