DAZ3d on an Alienware 11x

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I'm looking at getting a used Alienware 11x for some 3d gaming and also some DAZ Studio modeling. I have heard the some laptops with "switchable" graphics (switches between Intel GMA and Nvidia, as needed, for performance or battery life) have problems running programs that use OpenGL. The problem, from what I understand is that the computer doesn't detect the 3d art program correctly and tries to use the intel GMA, which doesn't support Open GL, instead of using the Nvidia card. Has anyone used an ALienware 11x for DAZ studio art? does it use the proper card and work sufficiently?



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    That sounds like it's the issue, but I'm still hesitant to buy if it won't work with daz studio. Anyone have a particular experience with the alienware 11x? Thanks for your help.

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    You should have an App that you can set so only one Graphix card is used by certian programs. Most multi card PC's have that on the system.

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    Thank you for the help. Anyone else have experience with this setup and daz studio?

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    I'm using my m11x (R1 version) for DAZ studio, in the R1 version, you always have to switch manually between graphics mode (Fn key + F6), it is either the on-board (low performance profile) or the Nvidia GT335M (high performance profile). It uses a different system than currently used in most new laptops. It does not detect the card to use, based on the program (I'm not sure if this also applies to the R2 and R3 versions). I'm not having any trouble with Daz Studio expect rendering is really slow. I use it when I'm underway and mainly to setup scenes (render them later on my workstation). It is a great laptop to use when you are underway a lot. But i would not recommend it as a main machine for DAZ studio.My version lacks the render power and the screen is to small for constant use.

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