readme for ACIS for M4? morphs list? anti crosstalk?

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i really like the ACIS for M4
but i need to make sure it will fit my dialed characters.
is there a readme available for it?

thanks :)

is there a breakdown list?

This set includes many of the Morphs++ as well as the Hiro4 and M4Elite morphs.
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  • icprncssicprncss Posts: 3,646
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    I'd contact the creator as the product page does not list any specific morphs.

    I don't have access to my General M4 runtime at the moment, only my current project runtime so I can't pull it up.

    It's generally better to go by what's listed in the actual product list rather than what's printed in the promo blurb.

    About the only thing you know from the product page is that it has the base M4 morph.

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    There's a readme, but it doesn't tell you anything about the included morphs.

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