How my saturday morning is going

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Open file! 1 minute!.....Make change to time line.. SAVE 2 minutes....Make change to tweener, then save... 2 minutes..... Move keyframe up one frame... SAVE! 2 minutes.... Click in time line! FREEZE CRASH ERROR! FORCE Quit reopen 3 Minutes!

GO BACK to what I was doing before crash and do those over again 10 Minutes. SAVE! 2 minutes.... Change tweener. Save 2 minutes make so more changes for the next 15 minutes FORGET TO SAVE after every single change. Move keyframe

reopens 1 minute! Redo every change you lost then save after every one 45 minutes.... Make 4 more changes! Clcik in time line CRASH FREEZE FORCE QUIT!

2 Minutes . Redo changes! SAVE after each one a fricking day!


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    is this C8.1 production build whatever
    the C8.5.0.172 beta?
    the beta Mac version has bug fixes, just do not save your textures as mip mapped if you wish to open your projects in C8.1

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    Guess I am gunna have to This is insane! UGH!

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    I feel your pain Richard. Well, not much actually.... Carrara 7 Pro is pretty stable on my G5, although I have been the victim of not saving frequently enough as well.

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