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GND Genesis?

TimmothTimmoth Posts: 99
edited December 1969 in Product Suggestions

Can we please lure Blackhearted to Daz and get him/her to do us a clone for Anastasia and Shae... please?


  • TimmothTimmoth Posts: 99
    edited December 1969

    ssgbryan said:
    In the meantime, do you have GND4?


    She has been updated to take advantage of Poser 9/2012, but the classic maps are usable in DS3 & 4.

    No, but thanks. Being V4 she could be brought to Genesis via GenX too... :cheese:

  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 863
    edited December 1969

    Does GND4 work in DAZ Studio? The product page only said Poser so I wasn't sure, and because Rendo is not as reliable as DAZ on refunds, I haven't bought her yet.

  • TimmothTimmoth Posts: 99
    edited December 1969

    If it says V4 I assume it would.
    Skin surfaces might be the only problem? though usually you just have to turn the diffuse from that light-blue to white, if there's a problem.

  • surrealitysurreality Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    If you peek at some of the threads about GND, you'll be able to see that the recent update was to bring the V4 version more in line with the Anastasia one. :) He did a truly beautiful job of it, too. So with the current V4 version, you will be able to get the morph relatively close to the Anastasia look. Exact won't ever happen since the mesh itself is different, but the GND4 set is a great place to start with GenX.

  • IvyIvy Posts: 3,011
    edited December 1969

    I love all Blackhearted GND Products
    They are good quality for sure.
    GND4 does render in Daz studio. But all the GND Anastasia products requires Poser Alyson model and Daz does not support Alyson.. I have tried a few times to import her as a obj but it never comes out right .

    anyway here are a few pin-ups i did of GND4 for V4 in her new Bikini
    I created custom lip color and nail polish.

    800 x 1080 - 48K
    1440 x 1080 - 117K
  • masi3veemasi3vee Posts: 256
    edited December 1969

    This thread reminded me to ask:

    Is anyone aware whether Anastasia and Alyson have ever been made available in DAZ-compatible versions? They're both very appealing characters, but not worth investing in Poser for. I have had great success with GND 2 and 4 in DAZ, and it seems a pity not to have access to the other two Poser characters.

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