I thought Iwas on the right track, but....

Greetings, Daz Studio Community.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of loading my DAZ Studio content, it seems I've goofed again. With the proper guidance from a lot of good people in the DAZ Studio community, whose names totally escape me at the moment; I finally started loaded my content into my new computer. I was happy that I wasn't seeing the error messages that plagued my earlier attempts at content installation. I've almost got all of my DAZ content loaded, and I decide to check DAZ Studio 4 to find my just-installed content. But when I search for my loaded content... I don't find ANYTHING. No She Freak 4, no Spy Car V12, no V4 muscle morphs, nothing.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I am just not meant to do work with CGI rendering software. I am a big fan of CGI. I just wish I had a better command of how the file pathways worked.


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    Pop over to New Users Help Forum. Find the Basics 101 thread and ask Jaderail.

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    Where are you looking? I don't think any of the items you list have metadata yet, so they wouldn't appear in Smart Content, but they should appear in the Content Library under Poser Formats>Your content folder>some folder as listed in the readme.

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