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Where did I go wrong?
Posted: 27 July 2012 03:36 PM   [ Ignore ]
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- Disregard. Has now appeared.
I attempted to get the latest CP 8.5 beta.  I ordered through the store and received confirmation. There was nothing in my downloads.  I went through my history list and found item with the corresponding confirmation number.  I reset the download. System notified my that it was reset and took my back to my downloads.  Nothing to download. I exited the site and returned. Nothing in downloads.
Tried another reset,received notification that download was reset. Returned to my downloads and, yes, nothing to download.
What I am doing wrong?

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I got “pending” on my Android where I “bought” it but cannot download exe files anyway (can zips) so did not matter, was there when I fired up the desktop and hopped online, might be a processing delay filling orders, even $0.00 ones!


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