Advice on animation

Hello - what's the best way to use the animate feature to have the camera move about the scene and focus on a prop?

Example: I have a camera pointing at my park bench and tree and I want to slowly rotate it around those objects to take in all sides. So I position my camera in one place, then move the bar on the timeline and reposition it again as in a circle around the objects, but when I go back and play what I recorded on the timeline, not in rendering as I nowhere ready for that, the camera is all erratic and all over the place an not where I had it shooting from.

Any tips or advice is most welcome.

Thank you


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    A quick and easy solution: Create your camera and position it for your starting view of your props. Create a new primitive-->sphere and position in the center of your prop scene. Parent the camera to the sphere primitive (in the scene tab, drag the camera over the sphere and it will parent). Now when you rotate the sphere, the camera will rotate around your scene smoothly on your timeline. Turn off visibility of the sphere.

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    I will give that a try, thanks!

    Is there any easy to follow guides for animation as well?

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