Camera Movement - Need advice about what is the best way to do a movemet with camera!

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I am new to DAZ and need help with how to set up a smooth camera movement in my scenery!

Lets say the camera is moving with a constant speed of 10 meter/ second and the distance is
400 meter! 400/10= 40 seconds in time for going from point A to B!
Every second contains of 24 frames!
40x24=960 frames in total!
960frames / 400 meter= 0.42 meter
0.42 meter is the distance between each frame along the route from A to B
That mean an image has to be taken there!

Is it any good way to do this instead of shooting an image every 0.41 meter
along the route?

I have playd around with animate and lock keys but I was not good in that
cause I could not reduce the speed!

I would be very pleased if someone know how to do it and also best
and easy way!

I hope you understand what I want?



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    Hmm, you don't need to compute those, in general, since the program does it for you: the "in general" refers to the fact that DAZ Studio by default uses cubic splines instead of linear motion, so speed will vary a little. Since it is a cubic it needs four points to determine its path. You can make a timeline of 1000 frames; place a keyframe on the camera at frame 0 that is before point A (let's call this point C), then one at point A on frame 20, then one at point B at keyframe 980 and lastly a keyframe at point B+A-C. You'll probably have to add more frames than that actually before A and after B to get a flatter speed. Render as Animation Sequence and make sure to render only the frames between points A and B, 20 to 980 in my example.
    The simplest solution is to use a linear interpolation script like this one:
    in which case just set your two camera keyframes.

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    Thanks a lot!

    I was just playing around with some added key frame etc but got the speed of camera to fast!
    I will make some new test with what you have sugested!
    I thougt someone must have an idea of creating a smooth camera movement with timeline and key frames
    instead of shooting single frames along the route!
    Very time consuming!

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