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Liquid Halo for Genesis not showing up

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i bought Liquid Halo for genesis when it first came first and only DS4 related product. I did it because it was on sale...given an added discount because i had gotten the V3 one awhile ago...and figured i could do something with it.

So i see the Short Order cook for PC members and go..WOW exactly what im looking for...but i dont know if i should get it because i have no clue how to use DS4. so i install the Liquid Halo to test it....I CANT FIND IT IN DS4!!! i have uninstalled....reinstalled...stood on my head..

IM FRUSTATED and im sick of looking at videos that dont tell me anything!

can someone please help? im using a PC.


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    What is the “My Stuff”/“Smart Content” tab, and why doesn’t most of my content show there?
    The “Smart Content” palette (formerly “My Stuff”) is a new feature in DAZ Studio 4 that displays “smart content”—content which uses a metadata file to link it to other related content selected in the scene. For example, if a shirt is selected, the “Smart Content” tab will automatically display texture presets for that shirt. It is possible to manually create the necessary metadata ( ). All Genesis specific, and “DS 4 Certified” content and add-ons will come with this metadata included as part of the product.

    DOEsnt answer the question

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    the OLDer items the ones that DO NOT have metadata will only show in your Content Library TAB. You can open that in the menu WINDOW, select TABS and then Content Libary. You can then DOCK it were you want it.

    To find items, If they are installed properly, you pick DAZ Studio Formats or POSER Formats and then find the content in its proper folder.

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    not so old....has metadata. doesnt show.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Did you install to the Default content folder? My Library. Did you allow DS to import the metadata at start? Metadata and Content is only installed at Boot time. If you had DS running in the background when you installed your content will only load at a new Boot of DS. If you did all that try the drop down menu (those little lines at the top) on Content Library Tab and select Search Known Diroctories for Files.

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    yes to all.

    im uninstalling ds4...gonna download the update and try again.

    If you did all that try the drop down menu (those little lines at the top) on Content Library Tab and select Search Known Diroctories for Files.

    that may have been the problem....i couldnt find the lines. tried changing avail. hope the update fixes it

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,473
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    I assume you have restarted DS since installing the item? If so, did you get a prompt asking if it could import the metadata and did you allow it to? The installer only adds it to the queue, DS then has to process the queue to add it to the database. If all else fails, use the Content Library isntead - Poser Formats, DAZ Studio Formats and Import Formats are just like the old folder view in the DS3 content pane.

  • DWGDWG Posts: 768
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    randyd said:

    If you did all that try the drop down menu (those little lines at the top) on Content Library Tab and select Search Known Directories for Files.

    that may have been the problem....i couldnt find the lines. tried changing avail. hope the update fixes it

    Jaderail means the little box in the top right corner of the Content Library Tab, which has 4 horizontal lines with a triangle in the top left corner. You need to click on that to select the 'Search Known Directories' option. If your Content Library Tab isn't active, turn it on by clicking Window/Tabs and selecting Content Library.

    The Content Library tab functions as it has always done in earlier editions of Studio (you don't say whether you have used earlier versions of Studio or are a Poser user), Liquid Halo for Genesis should be under DAZ Studio Format, the first line in the tab, click on it to expand it, then click on the first of the lines revealed, which should be the parent folder for your Studio content. Liquid Halo is likely somewhere under the People folder (I don't own it to know for certain), which should now be visible.

    Smart Content is an alternative way of accessing content via a database rather than the folder structures used by Content Library and by Poser. The database only knows about items with metadata. Liquid Halo for Genesis being one of those, and presuming you installed the metadata file, you can also use Smart Content to get at it. The Smart Content tab is accessed just like Content Library by clicking Window/Tabs and selecting Smart Content. The Smart Content tab will open showing a series of categories, Liquid Halo will be under one of those.
  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,046
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    The products metadeta is not right
    It is not rare case. some products metadata is not applyed correctly.

    I serched SF wear, and today I got this products.
    then installed metadata, and this products.

    this products is for genesis, and ds4.
    there was written in read me file, you can find items in smart contents tab.

    but it is wrong.
    DS4 recognize my install,and I restart the DS4, prompt window show up, and said
    I installed them.

    But the metadata of this sets did not applied any "type,tag,compatibility".
    they only make the products name, so I can find the" products name" in content library> category,
    but any items is not assigened in tthe "product category", there is only the proucuts name category.

    some wicked items of before sale has same problem.
    I can not belive anyone checked them before selling products in ds 4.

    I think if daz can not correct meta-data, who can do it? who must do it?

    there is no meaning to use meta-data, if they did not applyed correctly.


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