NEW Animation. *9 Months in the making* Sci Fi Funk Epsiode 6 "Right Place, Wrong Time"

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This has been 9 months in the making including research time, 3d model building, set building, audio sessions, music and finally animation and rendering.

I hope you enjoy it. I shall be working on episode 7 over the summer.

Please Like to follow progress of this animated series.

SCI FI FUNK - The future is now.....


  • bighbigh Posts: 7,398
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    funny - good one

  • edited December 1969

    Thanks - I'm going to weave in lots of humour amongst the terror of the future...

  • Steve KSteve K Posts: 1,578
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    Very good. Reminds me of the atmosphere of "Grand Theft Auto 4" which I like a lot. Grungy neighborhood, cabs, suspicious characters ... Your protagonist may not be as ... capable? ... as GTA4's Niko, but still interesting.

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