Finder II

VitachickVitachick Posts: 129
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For some reason Finder II has disappeared from my Daz3...Tried to reinstall but the only thing that shows up
is the uninstaller and the HTML read me.. Was going to install to my desktop in a folder then copy paste to
plug in folder, but this program using old installer and have no choice where I want it to install...

There were alot of posts when Finder II first came out but all must have been deleted with new forum


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,303
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    Which version of DS are you using? All plugins should be placed in the right folder automatically, as long as you have the right version of DS installed.

  • VitachickVitachick Posts: 129
    edited December 1969

    FinderII is for Daz3 which is the version I am using...Have no idea where it went...What I did is go go my other comp,
    copy past and now have it working...

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