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Daz and After Effects?

DekeDeke Posts: 1,008
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Yet another newbie question: Is there a workflow to use Daz figures in After Effects? It would be easy enough to export rendered animation and use them as 2d layers in AE, but I was wondering if anyone imports the 3d models into AE to take advantage of the better lighting controls. What export and import formats would be used?


  • superdariussuperdarius Posts: 1
    edited December 1969

    anybody got an answer for this question yet?

  • jaebeajaebea Posts: 380
    edited December 1969

    You can export the figure as an object or collada from Daz. You have to bring it into Photoshop 3d extended first then save it as a psd. You can then import it into AE. There are all kinds of tutorials about this on Youtube. The few I looked at were just showing how to bring in the object as an unmoveable, pre-posed, static object. You can't animate the body parts in AE (that I know of). I tried importing V4 this way and got her into AE just fine but, of course, she is just stuck in the pose I imported her in. You can search deeper into this subject on Youtube. I don't want to go any deeper into this because I just import composited animations and don't need the actual 3d models in there. Hope this helps.

  • nelsonsmithnelsonsmith Posts: 997

    A question I guess all Newbies eventually wonder about once they get bitten by the Daz bug;  ultimate realism and how best to achieve it.  Just got to that stage myself when I started experimenting with trying to composite Daz figures onto live backgrounds and not having it come out quite right.  Guess I'll be bookmarking this page, since jaebea's answer is a good start.

  • jaebeajaebea Posts: 380

    Nelson, are you looking to just do a Daz figure onto a live still image for a single print or are you looking to do something animated onto a live animated scene?

  • nelsonsmithnelsonsmith Posts: 997
    edited April 2016

    Daz figure onto a still image.    I've done similar work with 3D models built in Lightwave and Max, but had no idea how to get a Daz model into After effects to  do color correction,  saturation and adjust the sharpness.

    First test.  I've got a lot to learn about Daz before I'm ready, and I need to upgrade to CS6 extended.frown

    1056 x 600 - 1M
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  • jaebeajaebea Posts: 380

    If you are using Daz 4.9, you can actually render out your character against a transparent background.  Much easier to bring into Photoshop.  You don't even need AE if all you want to do is insert a different background.  You can do it right in PS using the layers.  You can do your color correction in there.

  • nelsonsmithnelsonsmith Posts: 997

    Wasn't  aware of that.

  • jaebeajaebea Posts: 380

    Of course, when I say render, I am talking about a 2d image, not 3d.  You would be taking the 2d rendered image into PS to put against another background in a layer.  I haven't done it this way.  I think it is saved with an alpha channel but not sure.

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