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When will Fast Extrude be Fixed?
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I bought the book for silo because I really was hoping.  It’s sort of transferable, so it wasn’t a wasted investment, but poor silo,  I had such a hope because it looked and felt a bit like hex, but that was last year.  This year, I spent my money on other things, relating to my 2D art skills and have been avoiding 3D a bit, but I am keeping my hopes up about being able to use Carrara effectively enough to begin doing work some time before the end of the year, and hopefully getting some commissions as I used to.

I’m also tentatively delving in to game modding, which is fine for the people who can afford more stable software, but being poor, well I keep my hopes up, and keep plodding on with what I have.  I also vaguely hope that Daz puts more effort in to making Hexagone less gone and more back, working, even if they need to re-write it from scratch, but keep the GUI and the feel of it.  Whatever it takes smile

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I’m with you:  I’d love it if they made Hexagon more workable and less crash-prone.  Since I’m not much of a modeller, it seems I’m always doing something wrong to break the poor thing.

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For myself, Silo is a hell of allot more stable than Hexagon and it’s too bad because both are like “abandonware” for the most part.  I’d love for DAZ to prove that statement wrong and surprise us with a more stable and robust Hexagon. I’d love a 64 bit version to since that might help keep it more stable and crash less if it had access to more system cores and memory. 

Hope floats eternal!  raspberry


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