Mestophales Stealth Mech Gun?

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I am trying to find out what the gun used in the various promo images and internal Poser thumbnails for the Stealth Mech by Mestophales and Midnight Stories is? I was sure this was mentioned in the old forum, but that is currently inaccessible.

Also, which set this weapon came with, if a commercial product, would be helpful.


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    If I remember the old forum posts correctly, the gun wasn't in any currently released products and would most likely end up in a weapons prop pack that would get released at some future point.

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    I seem to remember it was part of the hurt locker series, but not released yet. Check out his Facebook page !

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    Ok, thanks for the info. I didn't read the product description enough (not that the current product pages are really reliable) before buying. Still like the mech, would love to see the gun released too though as I had plans on it. Guess I'll have to delve into my runtime of weapons for now.

    P.s. that blog link keeps 404ing on me...not sure if it's because I am using internet at the library or not though (they block at random it seems, and while some make sense, others don't).

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