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im newbie here,,i want ask something...can we import file from another software for example 3ds max to Daz 3d or Maya to Daz 3d.?



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    Moving this to DS discussions

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    The answer is 'it depends'. ;-) DAZ Studio can read OBJ, BVH and DAE. The DAZ Studio 4.5 release candidate 2 can import FBX but this is a recent addition and it probably doesn't work flawlessly yet. So if you can export to from 3Dsmax or Maya as OBJ+BVH or DAE or FBX you can probably get the file with animation inside DAZ Studio. There are tools to convert 3DS to OBJ for free (like Poseray, for example). I'm not sure if the native Maya save (.ma?) can be converted, but you should have export options from either Maya or 3Dsmax.

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