Platinum Club Members-Only Forum?

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Just read an e-mail from DAZ that included a bullet point indicating that Platinum Club Members would have access to a Members-only forum.
Does this mean that, unless we are willing to pay PC membership fees, we won't have full access to the forum-based tech support?
If this is true, the strategy seems to smack of extortion, or (at the very least) to be manipulative.

Does anyone have access to details concerning any ways in which the 2 forum levels would differ?

I'm guessing that prospective members would want to know specifically what they will get for their fees.

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  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,936
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    No, it is not "full access tech support". More like... mmm... "a whole lot like the Commons, except it has some extra announcements, contests, some extra previews, people who have been around for a long while, and different sort of whining, mostly about already owning everything." ;) (Yes, the latter is mostly a joke.)

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    The Members Only Forum is an extra forum which is only accessible if you have bought the Platinum Club membership.

    PC members have members only render challenges, some extra freebie offers which are only available to PC members. Also on occasion PC members are shown previews of forthcoming products before they actually hit the store.

    It is an extra priviledge for Members. If you do not join the PC you still have full access to all other open forums and all the support areas. In no way are normal forum members denied any essential services.

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    and we gossip about the non-platy numb members making up funny stories and renders of them based on their names and (if we had them in this forum), Avatars!
    " did you read that post by Ron Herrman? snigger snigger ;-P %-P "
    "lol! that was a good one"
    "merrman! lol!

    I AM joking BTW!
    it's mostly stuff like Miss Bad Wolf having insomnia and stuff :roll:

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    Trust me, the PC members only forum does not provide special tech support that isn't available in the Commons, and if I had a technical problem with a Daz product or what not, I probably wouldn't post it there, as I'd be reaching only a limited number of people who could potentially answer my questions.

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